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Talsi Municipality is bursting with action, energy, and talent of brave dreamers. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Kurzeme region are famous for their direct, hands-on approach and self-respect. Each village and town has its own energy and direction, but they are united by a shared vision: the best version of their region. Hills let you see and set higher goals. For yourself as well; after all, the best version means taking every day, every decision, and every task to the best possible level. And making every action count – with glimmer, gleam, and glow!


When we embarked on creating a new brand identity for the Talsi Municipality, little did we know it would turn out to be a rather challenging and ambiguous task, filled with many questions. During this stressful time, the experience and skills of the design studio Teika helped us to sort everything out, regain confidence that everything is better than it may seem, and encouraged us to continue our project.


Work with municipalities requires a flexible mindset and response to sudden changes of the course of action, and we can confirm that this team handled it exceptionally well. Our needs, requirements, and core philosophy were met and we appreciated their fine-tuned approach, attention to every detail and swift ideas.


The Talsi Municipality has acquired a refined brand and carefully elaborated values: courage, humanity, meaningfulness for our people to nurture, keep alive, and be proud of.

Inita Fedko

Head of Public Relations and Marketing of Talsi Municipality

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