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Client: RTU

Category: Design

The autumn of 2015 saw the opening of the new Engineering High School of RTU, a unique educational institution, where the winners of the Olympiads in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and other sciences from all over Latvia can meet under one roof.


When designing the school’s graphic identity, we drew inspiration from the words of the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes: “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.” This inspired not only the school logo, where the infinity symbol of possibilities connects the abbreviations of two educational institutions, but also a series of laconic symbols of legends, discoveries, and concepts of the exact sciences: the Foucault pendulum, Newton’s apple, a prism, photosynthesis, etc. The graphics underline the power of RTU EHS in the exact sciences and demonstrate its youthful and elite spirit.

The design studio TEIKA created a fitting, witty, and clever graphic identity for the Engineering High School of RTU, which enables talented young people to pursue in-depth knowledge in the exact sciences. The new graphic identity reflects the essence of the exact sciences, giving the school a unique way to reach its target audience.

Ineta Romanovska

RTU Communications and Marketing Director

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